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Dr. Pasquale Abbruzzese graduated in 1987 in Medicine and Surgery from the 'I Policlinico ' of Naples, subsequently in 1991 achieves the specialization and in Clinical Biology at the 'II Policlinico ' of Naples. He also graduated in Aesthetic Medicine at the 'International School of Aesthetic Medicine ' - FIF of Rome and Specialized at the University of Pavia. He graduated in Sclerotherapy from the University of Padua and a Diploma in Endoscopic Surgery from the University of Naples. He then obtained a further Diploma in Anti-Aging Medicine from the Fatebenefratelli Foundation in Rome. Dr. Abbruzzese has held several professorships during his career.

Since 1995 he has been Professor of the “ International School of Aesthetic Medicine ” of Prof. Bartoletti - FIF of Rome Lecturer from 2006 to 2008 of the ” II Level University Master in Aesthetic Medicine ” at the University of Siena, chair of Plastic Surgery of Prof. C. D ’Aniello. Since 2008 è Professor of the II Level University Master in Aesthetic Medicine ” at the University of Naples, chair of Plastic Surgery by Prof. F. D’Andrea. He held the chair of Diathermocoagulation and Computer Science applied to Aesthetic Medicine at the 'International School of Aesthetic Medicine ' FIF in Rome. He was President from 2000 to 2007 of the Italian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine - Rome and then and Past President.

He has participated as Speaker and Moderator in numerous National and International Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. He currently works as a professional in Torre del Greco.

Education and Training •

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University "Federico II" of Naples on 10/04/87

Specialization in Clinical Biology at the University "Federico II" of Naples in date 30/10/91

Spoken languages • Italian and school English

Scientific institutions and societies:
SIME Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine

SiTri Italian Society of Trichology

AIdMe Italian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Surgeons and Dentists n. 22888 registered on 21/09/87

Dott. Pasquale Abbruzzese Curriculum



Studio di Medicina Estetica EURViale Ungheria, 1, Torre del Greco, NA3492253588info@pasqualeabbruzzese.itCash, etc.


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