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Hyaluronic Acid Filler

2021-06-01 18:31



Hyaluronic Acid Filler

The treatment with Hyaluronic Acid Filler allows you to treat large areas with immediate results. Book now.

What is the Hyaluronic Acid Filler for


Fillers like Acid Hyaluronic, Collagen and Polylactic Acid, are natural or synthetic materials, resorbable or not, mainly used for the correction of forehead wrinkles, glabellar wrinkles, periocular wrinkles, labial wrinkles and nasogenic wrinkles. They are also used for the treatment of acne scars, chicken pox. , traumatic and surgical, to increase the volume of the lips, cheekbones, chin and

correct any asymmetries. The office of Dr. Pasquale Abbruzzese is also specialized in correcting the imperfections of the nose, using a mixed technique between


and botulinum fillers. are used to
treat: Frontal wrinkles, Glabellar wrinkles, preiocular wrinkles, labial wrinkles, nasogenic

wrinkles; Acne scars, ricella, traumatic scars, surgical scars; Increase the

volume of the lips, Increase the volume of the cheekbones, Increase the volume of the chin, Correct
asymmetriesNose Curves, Reshape the Nose

Which areas can be treated?

The translation of “Filler ” è “Riempitivo ” it is immediate to understand that all the areas in which a “Filling ” improves the aesthetic appearance or the final result, are suitable for treatment. This is because with the new technologies the fillers

are highly tolerated by the human body and, in most cases, naturally reabsorbed over time. The most
common use is related to filling the volumes of the face which tend to decrease
with age. The application of fillers is also aimed at improving the asymmetries of the mouth, cheekbones, chin, nose. Lips remake, cheekbones remake, nose remake are


increasingly associated with the use
of fillers and the need for surgical interventions is less and less. Commonly used to treat: Increase or correct the volume of the lips, increase
or correct the volume of the cheekbones, increase

or correct the volume of the chin, correct asymmetries of

the face Correct the Curves of the Nose, Reshape the

Nose Frontal wrinkles, Glabellar wrinkles, preiocular wrinkles, lip wrinkles, nasogenic wrinkles; acne scars, chicken pox scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars;

Treatment times

From a few minutes to a


of 30 minutes The treatment time largely depends on the extent of the area to be treated and on the


difficulties it presents. The treatment shows its effects immediately, however 2 or 3 days of settling are always necessary, during which it is preferable not to stress the affected areas and avoid sun exposure. After about a week a second medical check-up is necessary in order to evaluate the success and make any corrections in response to the natural reactions of the patient.

What to do before the treatment?


The Filler is not an invasive


This makes preparation for treatment really simple. You simply need to go to the doctor preferably without make-up and avoid taking anti-inflammatories starting from


previous day. It is always recommended to avoid sun exposure in the


hours prior to treatment. If you are particularly sensitive, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream about an hour before the treatment, agreed with the Aesthetic Medicine Doctor.

The Aesthetic Medicine interventions are carried out at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Torre del Greco - Naples.

The Aesthetic Medicine Office located in Viale Hungary 1, is located 25m from the Torre del Greco stop of the Circumvesuviana

Studio di Medicina Estetica EURViale Ungheria, 1, Torre del Greco, NA3492253588info@pasqualeabbruzzese.itCash, etc.


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Do you know the characteristics of

your skin? The first step towards beauty is knowing the characteristics of your skin.
An accurate analysis will allow the Aesthetic Doctor to build the best strategy to achieve, in the shortest possible time and with lasting results, your goals.

Book your free skin check-up now, clarify your doubts with an expert and find out how to fight blemishes.

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